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Published date: May 27, 2013
Modified date: May 30, 2013
  • Location: Tathra, NSW, Australia

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Keeplan the kee to unlocking your planning problems!
And the plan to obtain Council consent for your Development Application.

Keeplan Planning and Development Services are both qualified, trained and have extensive experience in assisting you with all the following matters:

Strategic and statutory planning;
Land and Environment Court appeals;
Development feasibility and assessment;
Development applications;
Project management of consultancy services;
Strategic and statutory planning.

Lodging a Development Application with the relevant Council Body
Significant State and local government constraints apply to property and a Development Application will usually be required for any substantial change in a property.
Keeplan prepares Development Applications for clients and negotiates their assessment and determination by Councils, the State Government or Land and Environment Court.
Accompanying the Development Application must be a Statement of Environmental Effects Report.

Statement of Environmental Effects Report –

A SEER is required by all councils when submitting a development application
The statement includes written information about the development proposal that cannot be readily shown on drawings and can be provided for any type of development application
It is a report which explains the likely impacts of a development proposal and demonstrates to councils how it is planned to minimise these impacts. Typically the SEER will assess the proposal in terms of the proposal's compliance with the town planning controls of council and state government.

It contains in brief:
Site details and description.
In the case of erection of a dwelling or subdivision, the dwelling envelope, which has been selected and mapped by Keeplan in consultation with the client, must be included.
Legal and practical access must be demonstrated in accordance with the relevant Development Control Plan
Statutory and Non Statutory Planning Considerations
The zoning of the subject land and provisions under the specific Local Environment Plan relevant to it. Some of the items that must be contained in the report are
Environmental Issues
Bushfire -Classification of the land in accordance with NSW Rural Fire Service
Effluent Management
Aboriginal and European artifacts

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